luba-vangelovaI write about the future of learning for the likes of TheAtlantic.com, the NPR/PBS MindShift site, and Salon, and curate a site on the topic. I’m also working on a book about self-directed learning (for a glimpse of what it will cover, please see this presentation.)

My most popular education articles to date: “Five-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus” (also picked up by other media outlets and translated into half a dozen languages), “This is What a Student-Designed School Looks Like,” and “To Advance Education, We Must First Re-Imagine Society.”

I’ve also written about business, social issues, science and a wide range of other topics for media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, and National Geographic Traveler, and I’ve contributed to several books. I have degrees in systems engineering and journalism.

More to come on this site soon. In the meantime, to stay up-to-date with my education articles and book plans, please enter your information on the form on the right.